In all my years of living, I’ve come close to death only twice. The first time I broke six ribs, both arms, and ruptured a handful of internal organs. That was when I was caught doing “research” at a hot spring and Tsunade beat me like a drum. 

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October thru December are the best months

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Robert Fischer Appreciation Post (b. Sept 17, 1973)

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My tuition is due in an hour and a half and I can’t pay for it because the school for some stupid reason scheduled my loan to arrive Friday - 4 DAYS AFTER THE DEADLINE. Now I’m just gonna wait and see what’s gonna happen. Maybe just maybe I won’t be dropped from all my classes because they know my money is on its way, but I doubt that. Even after I emailed the financial adviser, she didn’t resolve my question.

At least this isn’t only happening to me. Some person is in the same situation but their money isn’t scheduled to come until next Monday. 

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Happy Birthday Tom Hardy  ♥ 15 September 1977

This sweetheart/legend actor/dream man and all-round top bloke turns 37 today. What better time to say thank you, Tom, for entertaining, moving and inspiring us so much. You are the cream in everyone’s coffee. Wishing you a 37th year full of happiness and success. We cannot wait to see you on every screen possible.

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TITLE: What's Luv?
ARTIST: Fat Joe ft. Ashanti
PLAYED: 6,037 times

Fat Joe ft. Ashanti | What’s Luv (2002) 

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